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Positively Page Blu Ray
Positively Page

The WWE released a new DVD chronicling the life and career of Diamond Dallas Page. You may know a few snippets of what he’s gone through, but the production documentary definitely shows off a lot of different angles that you may not have thought about. The documentary is not bad, and I will review it later. Today, since it’s Friday, I’m going to be posting content related to making money online, working from home, and writing tips. With that in mind, I have come up with 5 lessons that you can learn from the Diamond Dallas Page documentary from WWE, “Positively Page”. I was impressed, and here are just 5 lessons that you can learn and take with you in your quest to do ANYTHING in life.

Do The Hard Work

The first major lesson you can pull is simple, do the hard work. Page exemplifies this in everything that the documentary discussed. He started in the club business, learned the ropes, and then went into professional wrestling as a manager. When that was curtailed, he didn’t quit, he decided to go to wrestling school and train to become a professional. The people that discussed Page’s work ethic all stated that he would be the first person in the door and the last one to leave. He had a drive that most others simply didn’t have.

Act Like You’ve Been There Before

One thing that stayed with me in regards to moving upwards in any career path is the confidence that comes from this saying: “Act Like You’ve Been There Before”. I like that notion. Sometimes, in life you’re going to be afraid of taking that next step, timid, with anxiety crippling your progress. Don’t let that stop you, instead take this notion and run with it. It will give you a sense of confidence that others don’t have, which is a great thing moving forward through life and in any career path.

Do Not Let Others Tell You What Is Not Possible

Constantly, Page was told he couldn’t do something. He was told he was too old, too tall, too ugly, and he didn’t listen. He just put his hands on the proverbial plow and kept pushing. He was hustling at all times, trying his best to move forward with creating exactly the life he wanted to live. When things crushed him, he still managed to move up and forward, not letting anyone tell him that something was not possible. He didn’t let them have a say in what he was doing.

Age Is Only A Number

The big thing about Diamond Dallas Page was that he was 35 when he started training to be a wrestler. That is way older than the suggested age for any sport. By 35, many are leave professional sports and going to the offices and other non-professional athletic world. But Page jumped in at 35, with bad knees and all. He still did it, and was able to do so for several years as a result. That’s not to say that you are going to have the same success, but if you feel that your age is limiting, think again, you may be able to get a second win, and work towards a greater good.

Turn Things Into A Positive (Even If It Sucks)

Page had a lot of setbacks. This includes being fired from places, and being told that he wasn’t good enough, as well as getting buried within the WWE. There was so much against the guy, and yet he just kept pushing this notion of positivity. Positive mental attitude across everything, even when he didn’t want to do yoga, he turned it into a mega business. His positivity can seem annoying, but it’s that amped up energy that he has been able to harness whenever life has sent him downward, and that’s the thing to remember above all else.

There you have it, 5 lessons that you can derive from the new DDP documentary and 3 disc set from WWE. Apply these lessons to your business and work ethic and you’ll see a huge jump in your success, the DDP way!

You can buy “Positively Page” on BLU RAY by clicking here. Let me know if you liked it, and what your thoughts are on these positive points from DDP’s life.

Articles Writing Tips

I am a freelance writer. I have been doing this since 2009, on a professional level. Recently, I’ve had a few experiences mired by people asking for revisions without instruction, or nit-picking. I ran into this with someone claiming they were from “Winning Digest”. They approved all of my work, until recently, where they nit-picked some edits. I chose not to rewrite everything or try to skew things based on the instructions “revise”. They may be sincere, but I’m not risking it.

Many times before, when companies do this, they immediately take the revision and run it as a “free” second article. Sometimes they will do it 3 times. I would rather lose a small amount of money, then to risk that again. When you’re a freelancer, this type of revision request wastes your time, and in this case, it basically caused me to lose a full day of work. Oh well. This is the article, so if you see it anywhere else, you know it’s stolen.

There was a time when you would have to dig deep to find sweepstakes to enter. If you didn’t do a lot of groundwork, you wouldn’t get a chance at entering and winning contests. Those times are long gone. While some people may still dig and search for sweepstakes running at any given time, others are using technology to help them out.

Technology makes life easier. When you turn the lens of technology towards the hunt of contests and sweepstakes, you are going to create an easier route to finding, entering and winning. If you’re not sure how to start this? Don’t worry, the following is a step by step guide to using every day applications, and websites to find a lot of opportunities. Even if you’re not “tech savvy”, don’t worry, this is going to be very easy to manage.

Get A Smartphone or Tablet

The first thing that you should do is simple, choose whether you want to utilize a smartphone or a tablet. There are positives and negatives to each one of these, and it’s honestly up to you which is best for your needs.

Smartphones are ubiquitous. You do not need an iPhone to use the following tips. An Android device or an iPhone would work. Tablets are inexpensive as well, including some as low as $39.99 from major producers like Amazon (Kindle, etc.)

If you do not want to use a tablet, and do not like smartphones, there is another way. If you have a desktop or laptop computer, you can follow some of the tips mentioned here. If you have a Mac, you can use the app store for your computer, and if you have a Windows 10 PC, you can use apps and Google to help you as well.

Once you decide which tech solution you want to concentrate on, you will be able to pursue the following simple guide to using tech to find gems online. Using these tips will help you move the odds in your favor.

Use Google News (APP and Search)

The first major option that you will want to pursue is that of “Google News”. This is not Google’s main search, mind you. There are two major ways to get to this solution. You can download the Google News & Weather App from the app store of your choice, or you can visit

The power found in this solution is the aggregation of news sources from around the World. You can select news from the United States and around the world with the touch of your screen. Google pulls news, press releases, and even high traffic blogs into their news results. For the sake of finding more sweepstakes, just search for them, and then look at when things were posted.

Get Daily, Up To The Minute, and Weekly Google Alerts

There is no “App” for this in the traditional sense. You will need to set this up from your mobile browser, or your regular computer system. To use this powerful search engine, go to This is a no-nonsense page, do not expect a lot of graphics or bells and whistles.

The alerts page takes the Google News and Search Engine algorithm and directs it to you directly, daily, weekly, or as it happens. Go to this page, and search “sweepstakes”, “contests” and anything related. You will be given a preview of what you will receive.

You will be able to select the frequency of the alerts, and they will be sent to your email address. You decide whether you want all of the results that Google finds, only the best options, the region, language, and sources that you get.

The alerts will fill you in with new information about all the official sweepstakes, contests, and a lot more. This is a streamlined, easy way to find apps daily.

Local Newspaper Apps

Every major city has a few local news channels. They may be affiliates of large companies, or they may be specific to your area. Whatever the case is, make sure that you download local news apps for your specific area. The goal here is to read the news that they send.

When you read these apps, you will get up to the minute contests and sweepstakes that are found nearby. Depending on where you live, there will be press releases and updates that come through in your city. Some sweepstakes may not be for large sums of money, but a new restaurant may giveaway dinner, movie theaters can give away tickets, and much more.

The PCH App

Publishers Clearing House is one of the most famous sweepstakes in the world. You may remember Ed McMahon and others knocking on doors giving away big money. Well, PCH has gone digital, and you can download the official PCH APP and join millions of people.

Their app is not just about winning one prize, you have options to enter many other sweepstakes, and contests. You could win a dream home, you could win $5,000 a week for life, and much more. You could also win the big prize, with someone knocking on your door, thanks to this app.

Within the app, you can also find the official PCH Lotto App, PCH Play and Win, and a lot more. This is a famous opportunity, that has gone digital. To date, it should be noted that Publishers Clearing House has given out more than $290 Million in prizes, and they have been around since 1967.

Be Active Online (Search For Opportunity)

The above tips will help you use everyday applications and Google’s alert system to find opportunities. That’s just the beginning. You can use those daily, and enter more options, swiftly. However, there’s another thing that you can do as well. You can visit Bing and Google search and look up synonyms associated with contests, sweepstakes, and more.

When you search online, don’t just go to any results. Change the settings at the top of the page to only display the most recent of updates, that way you get social media updates as they happen. Google and Bing index social media announcements, blog posts, and more as they happen, so keep an eye out for those.

Being proactive, searching online, and using the tips above will help you enter more sweepstakes, and get better odds overall.

Articles Writing Tips

I am a freelance writer. I have been doing this since 2009, on a professional level. Recently, I’ve had a few experiences mired by people asking for revisions without instruction, or nit-picking. I ran into this with someone claiming they were from “Winning Digest”. They approved all of my work, until recently, where they nit-picked some edits. I chose not to rewrite everything or try to skew things based on the instructions “revise”. They may be sincere, but I’m not risking it.

Many times before, when companies do this, they immediately take the revision and run it as a “free” second article. Sometimes they will do it 3 times. I would rather lose a small amount of money, then to risk that again. When you’re a freelancer, this type of revision request wastes your time, and in this case, it basically caused me to lose a full day of work. Oh well. This is the article, so if you see it anywhere else, you know it’s stolen.

How To Live A Frugal Lifestyle Without Feeling It

When discussing the idea of frugal living, people have immediate doubts. They have visions of missing out on fun, becoming a “penny pincher”, and losing out on a lot of different highlights of life. Financial analysts on television, in books, and across many magazines are quick to tell readers and viewers to cut things out.

There’s nothing wrong with restraint, there’s nothing wrong with saving money, but being frugal doesn’t mean sacrificing so much that you are not happy. Making your money stretch further means making a few changes. A few simple, easy to process changes can ensure that you are having fun, enjoying the things you love, and putting some money away as well. The next time you discuss frugal living, you will not have to think of serious sacrifice.

Know What You Make

The first thing that you need to do is simple, know what you make. Do you honestly know how much your checks are? Many people get into a groove and don’t really consider how much money they are making, or how often they are getting paid. The money comes into their bank account via direct deposit, and then they spend it.

Sit down and map out what you make, and look at when you get paid. Map things out on a calendar, and make sure that you know all the money that you are receiving, or you will not be able to start living a more frugal lifestyle.

Assess Where Your Money Is Going

Once you know how much money you make, it’s time to take a deep breath. You will need to assess where your money is going. You cannot become frugal if you do not know where you are spending your money. Write down where you are spending your money, to the letter. Think hard, and write down everything that you can. This includes food, entertainment, gas, clothing, and incidentals.

This is very important. You will be able to assess what is absolutely needed in your life, and what is extra. This is going to be tough at first. If you haven’t done this recently, then you are no doubt going to be surprised by where your money goes. Map this out in writing, then pull your last 2 months of bank statements. Look at what you’ve spent money on, and you will have a full view of your finances.

You cannot move forward without knowing where your money is going. If you do not do this, you are going to have gaps in your financial picture.

Start With Food

The first thing that you can do to live a frugal life is to start changing how you eat. If you search for statistics about how often the average person eats out, you’ll find that many do so daily, and many do so 2 to 3 times a week. In fact, many families spend upwards of $2,000 or more annually eating out. This adds up a lot.

Eating out should be saved for special events. Instead of doing this, pursue learning how to cook. You can find many cookbooks that will show you how to cook for $1 online. Go even further, and watch free videos via YouTube, and subscribe to blogs. Learn simple ingredient recipes, and you’ll be impressed by what you can make at home.

Eat out less. Learn to cook. Use free resources.

Start Using Free Entertainment

There are very few cities in the United States that do not have free entertainment options. The problem is, many don’t realize it. Your tax money pays for a lot of free entertainment, and you don’t even realize it. If you do not have a library card and you are not using it often, you are missing out.

With technology advancing quickly, many libraries are interconnected across many counties and cities. What does that mean? That means that you can borrow books, magazines, newspapers, audio books, digital offerings, and even more.

Modern libraries also stock compact discs, mp3 downloads, and are now upgrading to DVD and blu ray discs. Again, these are free. Your tax payer dollars pay for these locations, and if you patronize them, volunteer, and use their services, they will stay open. Cut cable television, cut streaming services, and use your local library. You will be surprised by how much is available for FREE.

Create A Monthly Delay On Purchases

Living frugally is not difficult. If you have a hard time with spending, here’s an idea that will help you every single time. Before you purchase anything, put a pause in place. Pause the transaction for one month’s time.

If something is not a necessity like medicine, food, or gasoline for your vehicle, put a monthly pause. Mark it on a calendar. If you do this, within 30 days of time, you may not want to purchase the initial item you wanted. Curbing impulsive purchases, and delaying gratification will help you build discipline and you will not spend money.

Make Things Instead of Buying (Gifts)

Part of being frugal is not spending on gifts. This is an easy way to spend often. You get invited to a dinner, or it’s someone’s birthday, or you want to celebrate a promotion, spending money can become easy.

Instead of spending, think of making things. You can find many craft ideas online, for starters. You can also bake things for people, cook something to bring to parties, and more. This is not only fun, it’s going to save you money in the long term.

Exercise For Fun and Health

One the best ways to live a frugal lifestyle is to seek out exercise. This doesn’t mean join a gym, mind you. Find exercise that is fun for you, and is not hard to get started with. For instance, you can walk, hike, or even jog along trails in your city. Find a local park, and use their services. Many parks have recreation centers with groups you can join, and more. Join them, find friends, and move around a bit.

If you don’t like walking, or jogging, you can find something else that may be fun. Get a used bicycle, rent one, borrow one, just get moving. This is important because it will help you have a little fun, see your community, and become healthier. When you are at optimal health, you will not spend as much on prescription medications, doctor visits, food, and more.

Don’t Go Extreme

These tips are great to pursue, but one last thing that you should remember about how to live a frugal lifestyle is simple, don’t go extreme. Extremes are going to cause painstaking changes. They can also cause you to have lapses. Take your time, start with assessing your finances, and make simple changes overall.

Done right, you will see your savings rise and you will not lose out on food, entertainment, and good health. Take your time, and build on these elements of frugal living, and your life will improve exponentially.

Articles Writing Tips

I am a freelance writer. I have been doing this since 2009, on a professional level. Recently, I’ve had a few experiences mired by people asking for revisions without instruction, or nit-picking. I ran into this with someone claiming they were from “Winning Digest”. They approved all of my work, until recently, where they nit-picked some edits. I chose not to rewrite everything or try to skew things based on the instructions “revise”. They may be sincere, but I’m not risking it.

Many times before, when companies do this, they immediately take the revision and run it as a “free” second article. Sometimes they will do it 3 times. I would rather lose a small amount of money, then to risk that again. When you’re a freelancer, this type of revision request wastes your time, and in this case, it basically caused me to lose a full day of work. Oh well. This is the article, so if you see it anywhere else, you know it’s stolen.

Navigating The Trivia World For Fun and Profit – Finding, Winning, and Knowing The Answers

Trivia is an interesting topic to discuss. Most people think of trivia as something that bars hold, or perhaps isolated to family game night, and random quizzes online. But did you know that there are some people that take the notion of trivia and win big money?

If you’re a United States citizen, and you like the idea of winning trivia contests, you are not alone. The thing is, you need to know how to navigate this field properly. You can always start local, but if you want to make more than just a few free beers, there are a few things that you may want to consider.

The following breakdown discusses finding, winning, and knowing answers to tough trivia for fun, and more importantly profit. Oh, and all of this, without cheating to win, which is a big “no-no” when you are pursuing this route. Cheating will not help, because you will get caught, and that could get rough, fast.

Play The Most Popular Game

What do you know?

Seriously, ask yourself this question, and honestly answer.

It seems like an odd question, right? The purpose of asking this is to assess whether you are prepared to take on trivia in any form. Think about what you love, what you’ve studied, try to think of dates, popular culture, musical information, and random things that you have as “notes” in your mind.

If you’re not sure how to answer or frame this, don’t worry. It’s time to get the game. The game you should look for is simple, “Trivial Pursuit”. This is a popular board game, and it is a recommended starting point for you to start moving into the mindset of trivia.

You can choose a different game if you’d like, but if you want to focus on a broad selection of questions and answers, this is one way to get started. Over time, you will master the questions here, and will need to move on, but to start, go to this solution first.

Look For Local Options 

Once you have started to get your mind focused on trivia questions, look for local options. Search online for “trivia night”, and see whether your local community has any options. These are going to often be held at bars, and will be themed. The goal here is to see if there are solutions in your local area first.

If you do not see any options near you, then try to go beyond your area code, and see if the nearby counties, and other locations have trivia nights. It’s rare to be in a metropolitan area and have no contests listed.

Create A Calendar

Creating a calendar is a good thing. Take the tip above, and map out dates and times when trivia contests are held. This serves two major purposes.

First, it will show you what trivia contests are in your area. It will help you look at locations, times, and give you an idea of the popularity of these contests, so that you can join in and practice playing, and winning contests. You can even learn a lot in losing. Losing doesn’t pose a bad thing, it can help you learn more questions, answers, and keep you active in mastering trivia.

The second thing that a calendar will help you with is simple, it will give you things to study. Many trivia nights are not generalized. Some are themed, and that is going to help you build a library of questions and answers in your head. Whatever the theme is, you can find questions and answers on the internet, and even purchase board games and special fan themed editions of things like “Trivial Pursuit”.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Initially, you will need to practice. On your first attempt to find and win trivia contests, you will be bad at it. Few people start going to trivia options and win big outright. You have to practice, which means that you will need to start learning questions and answers to random trivia questions, and playing with friends, family, and even on your own. Treat this like a business, and you will start to build your memory bank.

Select The Right Trivia Contests

Your starting point should be basic trivia contests. Winning at a bar, getting your tab paid, and small prizes can give you an ego boost. Once you are winning small contests regularly, start looking for higher end solutions. Look for trivia contests that give serious prizes.

If you have set up a calendar, then you will know what’s available in your area. If you are going to pursue this seriously, for profit, call the venues and ask for the top prizes. Then map out which has the highest prize, and only pursue those options. Use sites like,, and even to find community offerings, and more.

There are also solutions in local newspapers, community bulletin boards, and recreation centers. There are also national events that are themed like the Simpsons Fan Fest, Comic Con, and other conventions that can net you five figure prize points.

Tackling The Toughest Questions

Up to this point, you have been given great tips. Great ideas, and a simple path to dominating local competition. But the minute you want to get to 5 figure wins, and even six figure wins, you will face off against tough questions. The toughest questions are going to test your memory for very specific questions and answers.

There are two notes that you need to remember about this:

Trivia hosts use the internet to find tough questions. There are very few trivia hosts and contest coordinators that are NOT using Google and other search engines searching for “tough trivia questions”, and “toughest trivia questions”. With that in mind, you should search for these, and try to memorize as many of these as you can. You are nearly guaranteed to hear and see these in the wild.

Very few people invest a lot of time and energy into learning hard trivia questions. You will be in the minority, giving you better odds of winning bigger prizes.

Search, Network, and Build A Team

Going at this all alone is tough. It’s not impossible, but you are only “one” person. Your best bet to conquer trivia within the United States, and perhaps build a great fortune is to keep searching for trivia contests in your area. Then network, be friendly, and build a team.

When you build a team, you will have 2 or more people searching, memorizing questions, and trying to win big. This is a good thing. You can study with friends, learn more, and take on the world of trivia for fun, profit, and more. The more active you are in searching for trivia contests, and the more you study questions, the better you’ll get at it, simple as that.

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reading library
Read more books

The few people that know me these days, know that I read a lot of books. Last week I read 4, for example. This week, I’m already near finished my next book. I spend a lot of time reading because I do not have a lot of friends. I moved from the west coast of the United States to the Midwest, and it’s been about 17 months. I haven’t made a lot of friends, and despite my best efforts, they are not coming. I work a bit, I go home, I play with the cats, I watch television, and I read a lot. I told someone recently that I read a lot of books, and they didn’t continue the conversation. I wonder where all those people that are looking for bibliophiles are? I thought reading was sexy? Nope. Not sexy at all. It doesn’t matter, I read for myself.

The Perception of No Time

Now, you may be tell yourself that you don’t have time. Who does? The perception of time is interesting. Everyone gets 24 hours a day to work through their lives. Most people don’t actually maximize that time. I’m not perfect. I am not rich. But recently, my goal was to read more books, and this year has been a tremendously difficult one. In the past month, however, I have been able to bring about a lot of reading, and it’s insane how much you can get through if you apply yourself. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you read more books, even if you’re super busy.

Get A Library Card

One of the best things that I have done since moving to the Midwest is simple, I got a library card. I love the library. If you have a library in your town, go to it and support it. In my hometown now, I am allowed to pull out 120 books at a time. Right now, I only have 3 out, but I am reading through the books. The reason why I recommend the library is because it’s free to borrow books. That’s right, 100% free to borrow books and enjoy them for a time.

The second reason I recommend getting a library card is because there’s a finite amount of time that you have with the books. That means that you have to return them. It’s a pleasure to pull books and have a deadline to read them, because it forces you to actually go through them. It’s like renting a movie, you have to return it or pay fees.

Listen To Audiobooks

Now, you know I personally hate Audible. I even wrote a post about how much I hate them here. However, if you are one of those people that have no time to literally pick up a book and read a few pages, then you should pick up audiobooks. You can buy them outright, or you can get them from Audible. If you are like me, you can pick them up for free at your local library, including books on tape, and even CD, if you still use that. If you have a smartphone, you can download books via the OneDrive application, as long as you sign in with your library card. You can even listen to audiobooks while you’re on the way to work. Since terrestrial radio sucks these days, this could be a great option to consider, right? Why not!

Join A Book Club

I tried to start a book club here. It failed. I tried to join a book club, no one went. It’s weird how books are in fact sold left and right, yet no one gets together to discuss them. I’ve tried setting up a lot of things, including a pro-wrestling viewing party, to no avail. I guess people aren’t as social as they once were? Whatever the case may be, you could possibly find yourself a book club in your area. If you do, join it, and start reading.

Start A Blog and Review Books

If you have noticed my updates on this blog lately, you will find that I do a lot of book reviews. The reason why is simple, I read a lot. Like more than anyone I know. In fact, I don’t know anyone that reads as much as I do. I wish I had more friends to share my readings with, but I don’t. To offset that loneliness, I write blog posts about the books I read. They are updated on this page. You can buy them via the links that I put up, and you can comment and let me know how much they suck. If you start a book review blog, you will force yourself to read and write about them. You’ll need a little discipline but you can do it.

The Poop Option

Do you go to the bathroom? Of course you do? Well, why not read something while you’re doing your business. You don’t have to read a lot, but a few pages a day can lead to a lifetime of vocabulary improvement. You’ll also enjoy your bathroom trips a little better. Just don’t leave paperbacks and hardcovers in the bathroom, as the pages can warp with the moisture in the air.

Wake Up 1 Hour Earlier

Instead of waking up at your regularly scheduled time, get up 1 hour earlier. Then make your coffee and read a few pages. Take at least 30 minutes out of that hour to read a book, any book. Instead of turning on the dumb news, or seeing if there’s new episodes of “The Daily Show” on television, just read a book and see how far you can get. It’s not that hard. You’ll actually feel better about yourself.

Eliminate 1 Episode of Television

Here’s something that you can do. Eliminate 1 hour of television per day. No joke. Take one 30-minute block of time and read a book instead of watching television. You will thank yourself for this, especially if you read something compelling, or life changing. Heck, some people suggested I read, “The Art of the Deal” by Donald Trump, and you know what? It’s not as bad as people say. Weird huh? I know, I just lost all 2 of you fans out there.

Get A Boring Job (Like A Video Store Clerk)

One of the secrets to my success as a writer and reader for that matter is that I have a boring job. My current part time gig of being a video store clerk gives me a lot of down time. I hustle a lot to put movies away, vacuum, sweep, and do other things, but as soon as I’m done, I’m reading. Reading at work is great. Get a job that lets you read while you’re at work, and you’ll enjoy more books, no problem.

At the end of the day, you have a lot of time to read. No seriously. You can make time. You can do a lot of things, including making money with reviews and more. If you read just 1 or 2 pages a day, you can get through a novel in no time. You may even want to finish it, and stop watching television so much altogether. Then again, don’t read, come back to the video stores and rent. I’ll be waiting.

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smoking and writing seem to go hand in hand
Writing and Smoking

At one point or another you may be tempted to smoke. I know I did. Some people avoid it completely, and to them, congratulations. However, for me and the people that have tasted the sweet tobacco at one point, you know that it’s hard to quit once you start. I didn’t smoke for years, and didn’t smoke nearly as much as my friends did, but I did, and it wasn’t always fun. I switched to cloves in 2012, and still occasionally indulge, but it’s few and far between when I do. In fact, I don’t know the last time that I actually took a drag. As a clerk, writer, and ordinary man, I can tell you that quitting smoking is a good idea, and it can even help you become a better writer. I’ve been a professional blogger since 2009, and have been blogging since 1999. The season in which I quit smoking, made me a stronger, more focused writer. It also let me take my breaks from the video store and write, travel, and learn a lot.

Smoking and Writers Go Hand In Hand

The classic trope of the writer that is smoking is nothing new. Look online for pictures and portraits of writers and they will have a cigarette in their mouth. They’ll smoke while typing away at a typewriter. Today, lots of writers are known to drink and smoke, and it’s something that is not going to change for many. However, if you were to take away the nicotine, and tobacco, you’ll find that there are going to be improvements to your creativity. Of course, the smell around you will absolutely start to get better, and you will be able to take out certain smells that can definitely permeate into the walls, your books, and more. There’s nothing worse than opening a book and have to breathe in the smoke scent that is caked on the pages. Have you ever purchased a book from eBay and it smells of smoke? It’s the worst.

Write About The Quitting Process

If you’re looking to improve your writing while quitting smoking, then you will want to write about it. Seriously, write about your experience quitting. I did this in an old blog that got deleted. I spent a few months writing about cravings, dreams, ideas, and how badly I wanted to smoke, only to eventually quit. It takes time, it takes stress, and your mental faculties may seem to abandon you at times. However, the writing process was good. It stretched the information that I had about myself, and how my body reacts to certain things. I don’t crave cigarettes now, but the quitting process was a bit easier with the art and craft of writing. If you’re looking at quitting smoking and writing as a connected tissue, separation will be tough.

How To Quit Smoking Within 7 Days

People all over are going to want to quit smoking. I see it all the time on Twitter. In fact, I’ve tried to promote services that help, and honestly, most things don’t work. If you’re a writer, at least you have the writing craft to help you work through the cravings. For me, blogging about the addiction was a great thing. It forced me to concentrate on a topic, and it helped with moving ahead of myself without cigarettes. In the end, I’m a better writer for it. However, it wasn’t exactly simple. The thing is, you can become whatever you want, and you can quit smoking if you allow yourself a bit of help.

If you have 7 days, you can quit smoking. Click here to help quit smoking for good, and become a better writer.

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google sniper review
Google Sniper Works

One of the reasons why I have decided to start a blog on my own domain name is because I was testing out something known was Google Sniper. You may not know about this, so I wanted to explore it on a post right now. This is something that will either entice you to make money online, or it will discourage you from ever trying to do it. For those of you that are new on this site, my name is Jorge. I’m a video store clerk and supplement that low wage by writing online. I’ve been working with affiliate marketing for some time. Last year around December, I discovered that Google Sniper was making people money, and wanted to give it my best shot at emulating their success.

Does Google Sniper Work in 2016?

The first question that I wanted to address about Google Sniper is whether or not it works in 2016. The truth is simple, it does. I did things the absolute hardest way that I could. Instead of signing up for a domain name out of the gate, I went ahead and did one via That is a free blogging solution. I took on several different websites. The first I made about Russian Orthodox Beads, and ranked it at the #3 position in the world for that search. That search only pulls about 1,000 or so hits a month, but it was worth trying. I ranked it high, and I made some serious commissions with Amazon Associates. I thought that I would take on Google Sniper’s methods and try another niche. I went ahead and tried out the skateboarding niche. I ranked a few pages at the top of Google, and started to get more money from Google Adsense. That was proof enough that Google Sniper works in 2016.

The Hard Work Involved With Making Google Sniper Work

There is a misnomer about the whole making money online thing. The first thing that you have to know is that it takes a lot of hard work. It took me 79 posts of around 1,000 words each to promote and publishing Google Sniper’s affiliate program. I also set up several Google Sniper pages on, even though their terms of service says you shouldn’t work solely for a commission based website on their platform. I didn’t care. I worked very hard to publish 1,000 word epics, and started to see a huge influx of traffic to Google Sniper’s affiliate pages. I made some money, but recently, decided to take on the next level. That’s where Video Store Blues comes into play.

Google Sniper Example Site
Ranked #3 With Google Sniper

Will Google Sniper Work For You?

I am not sure that it will work for you, because I cannot gauge your work ethic. For me, it took me 6 months of writing a lot about Google Sniper, skateboarding, and Orthodoxy before I started to see any sort of money. It’s not an easy thing to get started, but if you have time to write, or you want to hire me as a writer, you will end up seeing results within a matter of time. My niches weren’t big and weren’t easy, but I was able to leverage a good income with them. I think that anyone can make money online with Google Sniper in 2016, if they give it a fair chance. Look, you can make money in many different ways, but if your dream is to make it online, from home, with websites like this one, then you should definitely give Google Sniper a fair chance.

Test Google Sniper For Yourself

Here’s the bottom line. You can test Google Sniper by clicking here and picking it up. It’s updated, and will help you learn how to build a site like this one, and start making money online. I was surprised that it worked, especially in the niches of skateboarding, Orthodox church beads, and even a scary movie website that I built. Either way, you can make money online if you test it out. Test it, see if it works, and let me know if you saw success.

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