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Creature Skateboards Tanked Glow In The Dark Series

It’s been cold throughout the Indiana area, so I haven’t been able to pick up a skateboard and get to the roads, but that hasn’t stopped the western world and those with indoor skate parks. If you’re looking for a skateboard this spring or summer, you owe it to yourself to check out what’s coming out from Creature.

Creature skateboards is coming out with this series called the “Tanked” series. These skateboard shave cool graphics, and look like tattoo flash, but when you shut off the lights, they glow in the dark. That’s right, they glow in the dark.

Check out these boards and see if you can pick them up from your local skateboard shop, or wherever you can shop online. These are just awesome. I am highly tempted to get one of these from creature skateboards.

Creature Skateboards Glow In The Dark Series Creature Skateboards Glow In The Dark Series Creature Skateboards Glow In The Dark Series Creature Skateboards Glow In The Dark Series Creature Skateboards Glow In The Dark Series Creature Skateboards Glow In The Dark Series


4 Creature Skateboards You Must Put On Your Wall or Under Your Feet

For anyone that wants to learn how to skateboard, or perhaps wants to pick up decks to put on the wall, you have to check out what Creature Skateboards is doing right now. Creature is a company that pushes the “horror” element. They work with graphics that are within the confines of horror movies, science fiction and more. The company has been pushing a lot of decks out. The artwork is always great, and you’ll definitely find them to be a great company to work with.

Every season, skateboard companies put out new decks. They try to work within the options of “fashion” too. Every fashion company puts out new lines per season. That’s what skateboard companies like Creature skateboards does on a regular basis. With that in mind, I wanted to highlight a bunch of skateboards from my favorite brand right now. You can purchase these skateboards from by clicking here. These boards are available from them, and you can even get a fully built complete for $105, which saves you about $50. Again, these are seasonal, and Creature skateboards has a full line up that they are pushing now, but will be changing sooner than later.

4 Creature Skateboards To Pick Up Today

gravette creature skateboards
Creature Skateboards Gravette


Creature skateboards has a series out called the “anatomy” series. This is one of the coolest series because it has overlays of science fiction green, and anatomical renderings across various characters. Here’s the first one, that showcases how incredible the push towards horror Creature works. Creature skateboards pro Dave Gravette’s pro model features P2 technology, with good pop, and nice overall colorways. This is an 8.26 width, and is meant for a mix of street and hesh alike.

Creature Skateboards Bingaman Pro Model
Creature Bingaman Pro Model


Moving forward with Creature skateboards you are going to find that this is a very cryptic design. Bingaman’s pro model is 8.375 width, and again has the P2 technology. This is a great overall hybrid skateboard for pools and street alike. As you can see, there’s an anatomical drawing over femininity. This pushes a maroon and black color over the previous solution above.

Creature skateboards Kimbel Pro model
Creature Kimbel Pro Model


Kimbel’s pro model is my favorite skateboard deck from Creature skateboards right now. Creature skateboards pro model here is 8.8 inches wide, which is definitely for those that are hitting vert. If you’re not a street skateboarder, and you just want to cruise or hit up mini-ramps, this is the skateboard for you. It’s nearly 9 inches wide, and it’s solid as hell. Again, you’re going to find that this has the P2 technology mentioned above, with massive pop, and perhaps one of my favorite designs. The nun, horror design with pink and reds is just awesome. I love it. Creature skateboards wins me over here.

creature reyes pro model skateboard deck
Creature Reyes Pro Model


Creature skateboards really did something grand with this anatomy skateboard deck. The Reyes pro model is excellent, and the designs are incredible. Greens, oranges, purples, and more push through the anatomical overlay. I love it. This is 8 inches wide and is definitely for the street skateboarder. The P2 tech is here, it’s only $56 and it really pushes that horror, science fiction element that you would expect from Creature. It’s a favorite of mine, no doubt.

There you have it, some solid skateboards from Creature. If you’re going to pick up a skateboard this summer, why not make it one of these? I’ll be getting the Kimbel skateboard for sure, and will most likely pick up the Reyes option as my regular everyday cruiser. If you’re a skater of any level, these will be great.

For those that are looking for these and don’t have them at their own shop, check out here. Tactics is a serious skateboard shop with a massive online following. You can click here and get these decks or full complete skateboards for about $105, which saves you a ton if you did something custom. Keep riding, have fun, and check out Creature skateboards for yourself.

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5 Tips For Learning How To Skateboard

learning how to skateboard
Even a Chick Can Skateboard

One of my favorite activities is skateboarding. I love it. I’m old, and I still skate a great deal, even if it’s only a few months in the summer time. When the heat is on, I’m outside, pushing, kicking, falling, and rubbing Icy Hot on my joints. If you have never learned to skateboard or you are thinking about learning, there are a few things you can do to start your quest.

You will need to first buy a skateboard. You can check out my article about How To Pick Your First Skateboard here. If you have a skateboard, and you are ready to start learning, then you will need to follow through with a few tips that I have for you below.

Before you get to the 5 tips for learning how to skateboard, I want to suggest that you set aside at least 1 hour of your day to learn how to skate right. I know that you’re busy, we all are. However, if you want to learn how to skate, you will absolutely need to put in some time. You’re not going to be a natural, few are.

I started skateboarding when I was 13 and I still have problems from time to time. Unless your name is Tony Hawk or Riley Hawk, chances are you are not going to pick this up overnight. 1 hour a day, that’s all I ask for you to learn how to skateboard with the following steps.

Start On Your Knees

The first thing that you need to do is simple. You need to start on your knees. I kid you not. Start to push on with one knee on the board and your other knee pushing. I personally recommend this because it helps you understand the physics of your board. You will find that you can learn how it turns, how leaning helps you make curves, and how leaning back stops. Starting on your knees gets you familiar with the dynamics of the concave, the kick and nose elements, and it’s easy. It’s like crawling before you start to walk.

Find A Parking Lot To Practice On

Once you are good at pushing with your knees and cruising, it’s time to graduate. This next step requires you to find a parking lot. I suggest driving around your town looking for a clean parking lot that is not packed during the morning or evening hours. If you can’t find these, then look for a skateboard park, or an open flatland with concrete or asphalt. You want to have an open space to learn how to kick, push, and cruise. You are not working on tricks here, you are learning to take the physics and muscle memory you have from the first step above to this step. This will take you time. However, it’s important.

Push With Your Front Foot Forward

In order to get going, you will want to put one of your feet on the board and push then put your back foot on your board. It’s really easy. You put your board straight on the board up front, then use your other leg to push and then bring your foot back on the board. Once there, slowly move your feet to face the same direction and cruise. Once you’re moving, you want to lean and learn to carve, or turn. Do this at least an hour a day and you will get the hang of it eventually.

Learn To Turn and Stop

The next thing that you need to work on is learning how to turn and stop. This is a difficult task if you have never skated, and you aren’t going through the 1 hour a day learning process. There are two ways to turn. You can lean hard on your trucks and have them allow you to carve towards a turning radius, or you could lean back on the tail, lift the front of the board and pivot to a turn. Stopping is as simple as leaning back to let your tail drag on the concrete. These are the basic elements of skateboarding, from pushing to turning to stopping.

Buy A Book or DVD To Learn Slowly

When in doubt, you should look into picking up a book and a DVD to help you get through it. Obviously, you could get through YouTube channels and other things to learn. However, if you are like me, you will want physical media that you can reference at any time. My phone, for instance, won’t pick up signal often, and you don’t want to learn how to skate while your phone is in your pocket, as it could break when you fall.

Here are my top picks for how to skateboard on dvd and a book:

Skateboarding: Book of Tricks by Steve Badillo – As Low As a Penny!

This will teach you 34 tricks, from old school to new school. It will also tell you how to set up your board and more. It has 375 photographs in it, and goes step by step on how to skateboard and even learn a few tricks while you’re at it.

Skateboarding Explained: The Instructional DVD

Dan MacFarlane in association with Skateboarder magazine put this DVD out in 2007, and it was filmed at Lake Owen Skateboard camp. Honestly, it’s still as relevant today as it was back in 2007. I recently picked it up and can testify that it’s very good for that it is. If you want to learn basics and then go to a bit more advanced stages, this can help you out tremendously.

For The Advanced Skateboarders:

If you are and advanced skateboarder and you’re laughing at all this, ok, that’s fine. Perhaps you want something a bit more advanced. These two options should help you out greatly.

How To Become A Pro Skateboarder by James Himsa

I helped edit this book. It’s a book on how to become a professional skateboarder in today’s modern age. It focuses on both the traditional path and the path that Revive Skateboards and others have taken with YouTube. Simply put, you can become a pro skateboarder with or without the industry helping you out.

Mastering Skateboarding by Per Welinder

This is a nearly 300-page book on how to master skateboarding. I for one have picked it up in the past and was able to use it with ease. It’s one of the best books on how to master skateboarding, and it will definitely help you out if you’re looking for world championship caliber instructions. If you want to be a contest skater, this is going to help you out.

1 Hour A Day

Ok, to conclude this, I want to encourage you to learn how to skateboard. Not only that, I encourage you to pick up the books and DVD mentioned above. Aside from that, I want to stress that at least 1 hour a day for some time will be the key to learning how to skateboard and actually improving. If you can give it just 1 hour a day, you can succeed in learning how to do this and have fun while you’re doing it.

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4 Reasons To Ride A Cruiser Skateboard Deck

examples of cruiser skateboard decks
Cruiser Skateboards

When discussing skateboarding you will have a variety of opinions thrown at you. If you’re just starting out or are like me, older and still want to skateboard, you may be tempted to go with a long board. I don’t have anything against longboards, but they aren’t exactly great in my opinion. They are clunky, large, and hard to stop. If you want to wear down your shoe’s sole, then go for it. Longboards are a bit reserved for those that want to surf, on the streets. They are cool, they are hip, but they aren’t as tactical as shorter boards. I don’t do a lot of tricks, but I do some. If you want to learn, or you want to perhaps ride around town, but don’t want to use a long board, you don’t have to. Skateboard companies create “cruisers” all the time, and they are usually around 8.5 inches wide if not larger. There are several reasons why you may want to ride a cruiser, and here are just a few of them.

Wider Boards Offer Stability

Just like in wakeboarding, surfing, and even snowboarding, the wider the board the more stable you will be. The biggest draw for cruisers for me is that you will be able to stabilize yourself while you’re riding. You’re not going to feel as though your feet are going to fall off, because many times your feet will fit squarely within the deck of the board. A good 9-inch-wide deck, for instance, will give you a lot more traction overall. Wider boards are stable, easy to ride, and can help you ride with relative ease. As you learn, you can start to balance with ease.

cruiser skateboard example
Example of Cruiser Complete

Cruiser Skateboard Decks Let You Have Control

One of my biggest issues with longboards is the fact that you can’t stop when you’re going really fast. The best way to stop is to put your feet down and let them slide on the cement or asphalt. This friction stops you, but you also have to deal with the difficulty in sliding and perhaps falling. I don’t like that. Skateboards are shaped so that you can lean back and stop with your tail. Cruisers usually have tails that let you gain control. The control of the board is also found with the concave of the many boards that are out there. Some boards only have a kick tail, like the Bart Simpson replica skateboard that was popular for a few months.

Cruiser Skateboards Often Come Complete

A lot of the cruiser skateboards that you are going to find online and in stores are complete. You can easily look for cruiser completes, and see how many are out there. I don’t mind this, as I can customize them with ease. If you purchase a complete, make sure that you do not leave the bearings in place. Change the bearings, get a skate tool and fix the trucks so that you can work with relative ease.

Cruiser Skateboards Cost Less

Recently I priced out a custom skateboard from various companies. When I select a skateboard for tricks, I get a good pro model deck, Independent trucks, Bronson bearings, Bones Wheels at 54mm, risers, and regular grip with shorty’s hardware. That’s it. The cost of a traditional skateboard complete can be upwards of 150 – 174 dollars. That’s expensive, for many people. If you were to purchase a cruiser skateboard on a professional level, you will find that you can pick them up for around 100 dollars or less.

Look, cruiser skateboards are fun, shaped differently than longboards or pro model skateboards, and let you ride, with more stability, control, and speed. You can purchase cruiser skateboard completes and more by clicking here.


3 Toy Machine Decks You Have To Give Props For

toy machine skateboards logo
Toy Machine Skateboards

Toy Machine decks are available online and through your favorite skate shop. There are no skate shops near me, so I have to relegated my search to the online world. Recently, I have been monitoring the releases that Toy Machine skateboards has been putting out, and I’m fascinated by what they are getting away with. If you have been following Tum Yeto, Ed Templeton and street skateboarding for a while, then you are not surprised by some of the graphics that I’m featuring today.

Toy Machine decks are interesting in the way that they are designed. I’m talking about the graphics that you are going to see from them today. They haven’t really strayed from their art direction, even when other brands were chasing different elements. That being said, Toy Machine has lampooned Disney, and Beavis and Butthead with these skateboards.

I love them, and will most likely get all 3 and put them on my office wall. My office has skateboards on them, and if I have my way, I’ll have a small skate shop one day with all of the skateboard decks that I’ve collected. If you’re interested in Toy Machine decks at all, you will want to check out or to get some skateboard decks.

toy machine decks carpenter deck
Toy Machine Disney Deck

Blake Carpenter Sect Fight 8.125 Skateboard Deck

Toy Machine decks right now are putting a middle finger to Mickey Mouse, and here’s one that is cartoony, and downright not for kids. I love the call outs to Mickey with the yellow shoes, the 2 buttons up front, and the ears. I’m not sure how Ed Templeton and Toy Machine decks aren’t getting sued over this, but hey, that’s not for me to figure out. That’s for Toy Machine skateboards to deal with.

toy machine bennet skateboard deck
Toy Machine Bennet Deck

Bennett Beavis 8.5 Skateboard Deck

Toy Machine decks have lampooned a lot of elements in the art world before, thanks to Ed Templeton’s design. With the release of this one, they lampoon Beavis and Butthead. I love it. It’s a similar direction that you may see from Chocolate Skateboards as they put out boards for Jerry Hsu and Marc Johnson.

toy machine mickey mouse skateboard deck
Toy Machine Mickey Deck

Josh Harmony Mousekeeter 8.215 Skateboard Deck

This is an absolute middle finger to Mickey Mouse and Disney. Toy Machine decks are known for their artwork and here you go, another example of how incredible this is for fans of the Mouse and Toy Machine skateboards. Josh Harmony’s pro model is 8.215 and you’re not even going to notice the marginal difference on this one. Of the 3 Toy machine decks featured, I like this one the best for the wall.

If you’re interested in picking up Toy Machine skateboards, and you’re like me. You’ll want to pick them up online. The reason why I do that, is because there are no skate shops near me. I buy from here, since I knew a guy that worked there for a long time. Not sure if he still does, but hey, you go where you trust, right?

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5 Tips For Buying Your First Skateboard

girl skateboarding in a bowl
Everyone Should Skateboard

Getting that itch to skateboard? I did in 1998 and even though I’ve gone through a lot of changes, I still find myself skateboarding, and doing tricks. A lot of people ask me how to get started with skateboarding, and what board is great for them. It’s for that reason that I’m outlining the following 5 things that you should consider before you buy a skateboard. This is for parents as well as adults that are looking to get into skateboarding.

Do Not Skimp or Go Cheap

It happens all the time. Parents don’t really know about skateboarding and adults don’t either. So they go to a big box retailer and see skateboards. Some even look tempting because they are being sold through distributors that once were big in skateboarding. World Industries, X Games, Darkstar, Tony Hawk, and even some other skateboard brands have boards at Walmart and more.

Guess what? These are absolute garbage. Do not go cheap. Do not buy your first skateboard from Walmart, Target, or any other big box retailer. No matter how tempting this may be. Do not, under any circumstances buy a cheap board. The Berrics did a test on these and well you can see that here. ( Nothing good can come from you going cheap on a skateboard, nothing. I cannot stress this enough. Parents, please listen to me about this. Do not go cheap, do not skimp, and don’t buy a complete at a big box retailer. I swear it’s going to be bad for you and your learning experience.

Do Not Buy A Skateboard For The Graphic

There are very few exceptions where you will want to buy skateboards for the graphics. I buy skateboards all the time, for the wall of my home and office. I have 4 of them on my wall right now. They are works of art to me, but there’s no way that they would stay pristine if I was to ride them. The graphic on a skateboard is going to scratch off, even if you’re a complete beginner. Do not buy a graphic you don’t want to scratch up, simple as that. Even if you’ve never ridden before, the graphic doesn’t matter.

Duff beer skateboard deck complete sale
Skateboard widths matter

The Size of The Skateboard Matters A Lot

Do not just buy any old sized board, it’s that simple. Every skateboard shape and model is meant to do something different. That includes the “popsicle” that is roughly 7 – 8.5 inches wide and 31 to 32 inches long. These are street boards that are meant for skateboarding tricks and more.

There are cruiser boards that are above 8.5 inches wide, and shorter, as well as long boards. There’s also weird shapes like the beer can skateboard cruiser, the Homer Simpson head deck, the Bart Simpson iconic green board, and others. I would highly suggest that you get something that is normal, around 7.75 x 31.5 to start. If you don’t want to do tricks, if you aren’t sure, then get a cruiser that is shaped a bit odd, like that of the 40 ounce skateboard cruiser from Shake Junt. Do not just go with any old shape.

Grip Tape IS NOT Sand Paper

This is a big mistake that a lot of first timers make. Do not get a skateboard and then try to grip it with sand paper. It’s not the same. Instead, focus on getting grip tape and have it installed for you or do it yourself. Grip tape is going to let you stay on the board like sex wax lets you stay on a surfboard. When you go to a skate shop or buy your boards online, you will find that you can get them with grip tape for free.

get your skateboards at tactics skate shop
Where To Buy Skateboards

Where To Shop For A Good Skateboard

There are two major places that I recommend going to get skateboards and gear from. The first is your local skateboard shop. Start your search on Google by looking for, “skateboard shops near me”, and then see what comes up. I live in Indiana, and there aren’t any skateboard shops near me, so what I have to do is go online.

I used to work for a skateboard shop. One of the best that are online right now is that of Tactics. You can click here and purchase skateboards and apparel from them and save some money. That’s my go to shop for skateboarding hard goods, and clothing, straight up.