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Why should you be picking up WWF Hasbro Action Figures? Simply because they are going to get more expensive. You may not believe me, but I can assure you that these things are not going to get any cheaper. The reason is simple. As we age, those that grew up with the WWF Hasbro Action Figures from the past, are starting to buy them. We now have jobs, we have money, we don’t need our parents’ permission and we want to collect all of the action figures we can. That means that a lot of people that grew up with WWF in the early 1990s and even mid-1990s, want to buy their old collections.

So, if you’re going to start collecting, or are already collecting, here are the top 5 WWF Hasbro Action Figures you should buy right now. Why not a top 10? Because starting with 5 is a lot easier to manage, if you ask me. I also wanted to pick some that were not so hard to pick that you would never find them or get them. I will also link you to Amazon, where you can pick them up, but you can always find your own way to getting these options.

Hasbro WWF Roddy Piper
Roddy Piper Hasbro

WWF Hasbro Rowdy Roddy Piper Blue Card – ( here)

I can already hear the bagpipes. Roddy Piper coming down the aisle, slowly, and soaking in the praise that comes from the fans that loved the wrestler. If you are going to collect Hasbro figures and you are not going to open them, you must get your hands on the Rowdy Roddy Piper action figure. This is a figure that has Hot Rod smiling. I love how big the smile is, and the action on this is the Piper Punch. It’s not going to kill your budget. It’s a solid solution that is way under $100.

Razor Ramon WWF Hasbro
Hasbro WWF Razor Ramon

WWF Hasbro Razor Ramon Yellow Card – ( here)

Razor Ramon was so cool, he was dripping machismo. Scott Hall may have started getting attention as the Diamond Stud in WCW, but it wasn’t until he put a mark on the WWE in the early 1990s that he really took on a whole new persona. I loved the character, and Hall really knew how to put on a show. Pick up this one with the black vest, gold chains, and red trunks, and you’ll no doubt enjoy the stance he has on this card. It’s not the only one from Hasbro, but it’s my favorite.

Texas Tornado WWF Hasbro
WWF Hasbro Texas Tornado

WWF Hasbro The Texas Tornado Blue Card – ( here)

The Texas Tornado was my favorite characters to come from the territories. Well, he wasn’t the Tornado there, but he was a cool wrestler with a good build. I’m saddened to have heard about the issues that the family had, but if you were a fan of early 1990s wrestling, then you bought into Kerry Von Erich’s gimmick. Did you know he didn’t have a foot? I never knew.

Jake The Snake Hasbro
WWF Hasbro Action Figures

WWF Hasbro Jake The Snake Roberts Blue Card – ( here)

This is a great one. This is Jake Roberts with Damien! That’s right, you get this on a blue card, and you get Damien with him. I love this figure, and if you can find it complete, buy it. You don’t always find this loose with Damien, and so you should definitely pick this up when you see it. It’s only going to get more expensive, that’s for sure.

WWF ACtion Figure
WWF Action Figure Andre The Giant

WWF Hasbro Andre The Giant Blue Card

If you’re going to collect WWF Hasbro Action Figures, you should pick up Andre’s figure. Andrew The Giant is a great option, and it’s bigger than other Hasbro figures. This one is going to get more expensive because Andre’s getting a couple of films about him made right now. One is a documentary, the other is a biopic. Whatever the case is, you’ll definitely want to pick this up before it gets outrageous.

Honorable Mention WWF Hasbro Action Figure

If I’m going to give you one option to find, it’s Kamala. Find Kamala’s WWF Hasbro Action Figure and you have a thousand dollar figure on your hands. It’s really hard to find that one. Oh, Kamala has to have a moon on his belly, so remember that.

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google sniper review
Google Sniper

Google Sniper is a very controversial topic. I’ve been working with the product and learning how to build my own business since last December. It’s fair to say that since 2009, I have been using for the sole purpose of affiliate marketing. You can see some of my work across the web under James Himsa, Jacob Levine, and John G. as my pseudonym. I tried to write as Jorge, but a lot of people didn’t react within this framework. I don’t know why. So I changed my name and started working with Google Sniper methods to see whether or not it worked. So here we go, a brutally honest review of what Google Sniper does, doesn’t do, and whether or not it’s worth your 30-dollar investment.

Everyone Has Good Things To Say About Google Sniper

Search for Google Sniper reviews and you are going to get a lot of information thrown at you. As of this morning, I searched for this and found over a million results. The top results are YouTube videos, and some sites that have reviews about this product. When you click through, you are going to get glowing reviews about this, and how amazing it truly is. Some of the things that you will read will be insane. I read one review where a guy said he was making 6,000 dollars a month and now living high on the hog after 2 months of trying to work with this informational product. I know immediately that it’s a lie. I’m sorry, but no one is making that kind of money in 2 months. Have I ever made that much money with affiliate marketing and Google Sniper? No. But I have made that much with a combination of things that included affiliate marketing, and not specifically GSNIPER. However, I have made some money with this option, and truly believe that you can too.

Everyone Has Something Really Bad To Say About Google Sniper

The next thing that I noticed about Google Sniper reviews, and what people are saying is that many use the term “Scam”. In fact, people throw this around so much it’s ridiculous. Is Google Sniper a scam? No. Not at all. It can look that way, because you’re buying informational products. To illustrate this, I have to talk about school. I was in graduate school this past year, and did not manage to get a 3.0 in my last GPA rundown. I got a 2.97 and the school threw me out. I could easily say that my classes were scams. I didn’t get the promised degree, I didn’t get the individualized attention from my teachers, I didn’t even learn the proper way to write in MLA methodology. I had to learn those things on my own. Does that mean the school was a scam? No! I failed to meet the requirements. The same can be said about the bad things that are being pushed by reviewers that call Google Sniper a scam. They are using this negative keyword to try and rank for affiliate marketing. So much so that Google Sniper has no banned individuals from using that to sell their product. Yep. If you are looking for reviews, be careful when you see someone going totally negative about a product.

My 7 Month Experiment With Google Sniper

To really understand what Google Sniper is all about, I took on a serious experiment. Last year I set up a Google Sniper Truth blog with I then wrote 3 major articles that were posted across the web, spun, and put up with backlinks and more. I even wrote a Kindle book and did a lot of writing on the site. Every post was at least 750 words each, and some went upwards of 2,000 words and beyond. My goal was to rank for the keywords, GSNIPER, Google Sniper, and to teach others how to use the program. What I noticed was interesting. I took on the information that George Brown has put up, and paid for the service, testing it for 7 months. What I can say is that it works, but it doesn’t work without your input. It’s an informational product after all, not a miracle cure for money making. If you don’t put in any work, you won’t make it. I put in 1 hour a day, for 7 months, and turned more money than my last day job. But that wasn’t without a lot of writing, a lot of SEO and on a harder platform than WordPress and others. I ranked upwards on one Google Sniper page upwards of number 3 on the first page. I ranked one site above Wikipedia. It was for “Russian Orthodox Beads” and ranked in the top 5, with 1,000 some odd hits a day. I was making money and proving that you can use free blogger sites to make serious money with Google Sniper. I was impressed. So impressed that I am now blogging here.

What Google Sniper Really Teach You

Let’s me brutally honest. Google Sniper is an incredible resource. It promises that you can make serious money by setting up websites and following their protocol. This is a product that you can purchase and get a full education into affiliate, internet marketing, and website creation. You have to realize, something here. It’s educational material. That’s right, this is just education. What you do with it, will either make or break how you work through the steps.

Google Sniper Teaches You The Following:

  • How to setup a WordPress niche site
  • How to get traffic to your site
  • How to write articles that sell your products
  • How to pick niches that work
  • How to build email lists
  • How to make money online

All of these things are presented in two ways. They are presented with video modules that show you step by step how to set up a site. Then they have a full eBook that has been updated 3 times already to ensure that your site ranks within a short span of time. You also get access to premium materials, and if you want to pay more, you can get private coaching as to how to make money online.

It’s educational. Google Sniper is all about teaching you how to make money online, through step by step instructions. If you don’t want to follow their exact blueprint, you don’t have to. I was able to go through and set up a simple site about Russian Orthodox Beads, and made serious sales through amazon, and click bank. I wrote simple posts about the benefits of the beads, the focus of prayer, and simple ideas about this.

I can truly say this works. If you put in time to set up your sites, and follow the steps one, by one. It’s tedious. I’m not going to lie. I liken it to building an Ikea bed frame. I hated it. It took me and my wife 14 hours to build a bed frame from Ikea. To make Google Sniper work, I spent 7 months, and wrote 79 posts at around 700 words each on average, and each one talking about different aspects of how to make money online, and how to make money writing. Then used that to leverage another page about prayer beads. 7 months, 79 posts, and I was able to make money online. I did it with a free domain from, but if I had done it with a dot com, I would made more, and I proved that with a new site that I built about drawing pictures.

Prove The Critics Wrong About Google Sniper

Suffice to say, there are two major ways to learn how to make online. You can do what I did at first, and go through the school of hard knocks. I tried to make money online by myself after being fired from a job in 2009. I tried really hard and didn’t do well. But today, I’m making money online through writing, and of course I stick with a part-time video store clerk gig as well. That’s mainly to get me out of the house. The critics are going to tell you that you can’t do it. There’s a lot of people that are going to highlight how Google Sniper is a scam. I’m not one of those people. I’m going to tell you straight out, this works, if you actually follow the steps. How long it takes is up to you.

You can prove the critics wrong by clicking here and seeing what the hype is about Google Sniper. Test it for yourself, see if you can make it work, and that’s it. If you don’t like it, or fail to make a dime, you can get your money back, and that’s it.

One last thing! If you need a ghost writer to help you with blog posts, article writing and more, you can easily drop me a line and I’ll write for you. I’m here to help. Or you could go with the recommended solutions within Google Sniper and hire someone via Fiverr, Upwork or even Elance. There’s a lot of options out there. I’m a premium solution. However, as you can see from this site, I give it my best shot to bring good content.

Alright, that concludes my brutally honest Google Sniper review. It works. But it’s not a miracle cure. You have to learn using the steps that are outlined. You can’t possibly fail if you follow the eBook and videos that you receive with this program.

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google indexing error proof
Google Makes Major Mistakes

This morning I went ahead and checked my indexing within Google. My site is fairly new but I’ve seen sites get indexed fast. I went ahead and looked to see whether or not my site was getting any sort of love. It was in fact indexed. In fact, a lot of my page has been indexed, including the home page. I was delighted to see what was there. It only illustrated how terrible Google is at indexing for marketing’s sake. This is going to be a shocker for those that want to make money online, and get paid quite a bit. Even though I’ve been able to rank a lot of pages in the past, it seems that this site is getting ranked and indexing the wrong thing.

As of this morning, my indexed page states:

Hair Shears Place

Nowhere on this page, and nothing that I do has anything to do with Hair Shears Place.

I know, you’re going to be skeptical as to whether or not this is really happening. I wasn’t believing it at first glance, but I went ahead and took a screen grab to prove it. Isn’t this something else?

When Google Is Wrong You Lose

This is the biggest thing that you’re going to need to understand about the world of marketing, and Google. They own you. I’ve been working with since 1995 to build marketing websites. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve registered a name and set up content on a page, and what I’ve found has been tremendously bad in terms of marketing thus far. Not only is my traffic way down, it appears that the indexing of my page says the wrong thing.

I’m doing some work on the backend to fix this, but this is something that you should learn from. If you’re going to put up a website, expect to see your index do all sorts of weird things. Including, landing yourself at the #1 spot for keywords that are absolutely ludicrous in nature. I don’t even know what to do or say about this one.

If Google doesn’t index you right, you will lose. It’s simple as that folks. Let this be a lesson for you.

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