About Video Store Blues

Video Store Blues is written by Jorge Orduna. It was originally started after getting laid off from being a video store clerk at one of the last independent video stores in the United States. Over time, the blog posts were written on free sites like blogger.com, but are now starting to proliferate this domain.

This is a site that focuses on the things that I like (Jorge). People call me “George”, and I have been blogging since 1999.

What You Will Find on Video Store Blues

When you visit Video Store Blues, you’ll be hit with posts that range from skateboarding, music, movies, books, and special interest topics.

I’m a full-time writer, freelancer, and work remotely. I have been 100% freelance since 2009, and can assist with SEO, ghost writing, and affiliate marketing. I’ve published several books on Kindle, written thousands of articles for companies like:

  • ESPN
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • Golf Digest
  • Sweepstakes Quarterly
  • Indecision Magazine
  • Hardcore Christian
  • AMP

And many others.

I publish on a regular basis, sometimes daily, sometimes more than that. I post when I have time, and would love to do this full time. If you want to support, drop me a line, buy some buttons, order a book from my list, or send me paypal donations via sirjorge at gmail – or just say hello. 

You can contact me via the comments on this blog, or through email at sirjorge at gmail dot com. I do not have a patreon, podcast, or anything along those lines, yet. But in the future, if this site gets traction, I will no doubt set one up.

You can follow me via social media with the buttons on top of the page, in posts, and by searching for my name. Thank you for your time.

Hire Me!

If you would like ghost writing, SEO writing, affiliate marketing help, or any consulting work done, drop me a line at sirjorge at gmail  dot com. I’m always interested in more work. Thank you.

Get Reviewed!

If you’re in a band, have written a book, or just want me to review your stuff, drop me a line. It’s a $5 fee for me to review your work if you find me. But if I find you first, it’s free. Email me and we can discuss this further.

Enjoy this blog, comment, share it, and that’s it. Go back to the home page here.

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