About Video Store Blues

Video Store Blues is a blog that is written by one of the last video store clerks in the country. There are fewer video stores than ever before, but there are still some out there. I’m one of the few left standing, as it were. I’m not sure if I’ll always be the dreamer of dreams, but hey, for now I’m still slinging videos behind a counter. Video Store Blues is the official page of one, Jorge O. On this site you will see reviews of books I’ve read, movies I see, and posts about skateboarding, making money online, and anything that I love.

Quick Rundown of Author Jorge Orduna

I’m the sole author of this blog. I’m a professional ghost writer, and author with pen names such as Jay Dune, James Himsa, and Jacob Levine. I am a former web designer, and video store clerk. At present, I am 100% freelance, and I can help anyone work with affiliate marketing, blogging, and kindle book creation.

I’ve worked for an array of companies such as Microsoft, Google, Nintendo, Macy’s, and several others as a web consultant, and marketing talent. I’m in my 30s, live in the Midwest with my wife and 5 cats.

What You Will See on Video Store Blues

On this blog you will see book, movie, and music reviews. You’ll also see updates from my daily life, including pictures, rants, and reviews about affiliate marketing and others. This is a page where I dump a lot of content into, and it’s all for the purpose of getting things off of my mind.

Enjoy this blog, comment, share it, and that’s it. Go back to the home page here.