The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson Review

Amityville Horror Cover
Jay Anson’s Amityville Horror

You most likely already saw the many movies that were based on this book. Jay Anson takes on a subject that has led to a lot of speculation, lawsuits, and money over the course of many years. “The Amityville Horror” by Jay Anson is a fascinating book with a lot to offer true crime and horror fans. However, it is not exactly like the movie, as you may have guessed, and in fact, you may be surprised by how it deviates at times. Anson is a gifted writer, taking on a great subject matter and focusing on framing it in an easy to read manner.

Dead Man’s House

The story of “The Amityville Horror” starts with a 1974 multiple homicide. In a Dutch colonial house in Amityville, New York, Ronald DeFeo Jr. wakes up and kills 6 of his family members. Years later the house is unable to be sold until George and Kathy Lutz show up and buy it at an unusually low price. When they move in, things start going awry. The paranormal activity starts to work its way into the lives of the Lutz family and even the local community church is getting harmed. The story unravels to the point where the family runs for their lives and never looks back.

The Tension Is Tremendous

Jay Anson builds the tension quite well. While the first half of this book punches you in the face, Anson finds a way to slow it down and then rev back up until the powder keg explodes in the final chapters. What is most alarming is the mysterious illnesses and smells that plague the priests that were trying to bless the home. The noises, the movements, the cold, and a lot of the other elements of paranormal activity aren’t that crazy, but the priest’s accounts are absolutely terrifying.

Lies Or Reality?

The book ends with a nice horrific touch. Anson took on this book with 45 hours of interviews that the family spoke about. After the release of the book, in the afterword, the author discusses that authenticity of some of the claims, the lawsuits, and much more. Some say that the family made all of this up, since the house hasn’t had any sort of issues at all.

Others are quick to note that George Lutz was involved in witchcraft and Satanism. Some will cite all sorts of different stories, but at the end of the day, reading this book was fascinating. It’s an interesting book, and that alone is well worth your time. I recommend reading it, and just enjoying the narrative that Anson writes. Forget the rest of what you know about Amityville and the movies, and just read this one. It’s a fun read, although there are some horrific moments as well.

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