UHF (1989) Review

UHF Poster
UHF Poster

You know the man, the myth, the legend, Weird Al Yankovic. But did you know that he made a movie in 1989? Oh, you did? Did you see it? Oh, you have. Twenty times? Oh, well, then this review is not for you, this is for the one person out there that is a fan but didn’t get around to watching this steaming pile of, oh, it wasn’t that bad. Let’s talk about the 1989 box office bomb that was UHF, and how it endures today, even though there’s a lot to be desired. Or not, my bad, sorry.

25th Anniversary Edition Blu Ray

For my birthday this year, I purchased the 25th Anniversary Edition Blu Ray. What I immediately noticed was that the picture wasn’t that great. Sure, it was ok, but it wasn’t nearly as good and as crisp as I was hoping for. In fact, it looked as bad as my DVD copy of “A League of Their Own”, which is a widescreen dvd. The sound, however, is vastly improved. All of the audio on this disc comes through great, where the latter didn’t do so hot. I loved that aspect of this, because a lot of the gags aren’t just visual, they are about the sound and speech.

Weird Al Exemplifies The 1980s

If you grew up in the 1980s, then you know how crazy the Saturday morning cartoons were. Well, in the midst of that block, there was Pee Wee Herman, the eccentric kid’s show host. Well that’s where I liken Weird Al to this film, he’s the wacky morning guy. He doesn’t really play it straight, he’s all over the map. For his moments of introspection, he shines, but that’s not where he needs to be in this movie. He’s often the neurotic, loud, and splashy character, only balanced by his friend Bob, played by David Bowe. Meanwhile, there are other bit characters here, and of course the villain that wants to take away the channel’s signal once it becomes famous.

Bits and Pieces Make This Movie

The plot of this movie is simple. We have a couple of slackers losing jobs, and trying to come up with what to do next. They inherit a nearly defunct UHF station and they turn things around with a new line up of random B-movies, and much more. The jokes here are a mile a minute, showing off the hilarity of the 1980s video store world. If you have been in an old video store, you know the movies that are featured here, although they are parodies, not real. Mixed in are skits, commercials, and the story of George trying to save the station by raising $75,000.

Star Ratings Don’t Matter

I could give this movie a start rating, but let’s be honest, you either love it or you hate it. Going back to watch this again, I didn’t really think it flowed that well. It’s a bit slow, and the jokes are a bit rough at times. Some of them don’t land at all. For all the one-liners, and parody, there’s a psychological issue going on that no one is talking about. But let’s say you throw that all away and just enjoy this for a slice of 1980s Americana, and you got yourself a fine movie. Just don’t use your brain, you’ll hurt yourself.

You can buy the 25th Anniversary Edition of UHF on Blu Ray by clicking here, or rent it through Amazon for cheap. Enjoy!

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