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Tom Penny Flip Skateboards
Flip Skaateboards 20th Anniversary Tom Penny

It has been 20 some odd years since Flip Skateboards first put out their Cheech and Chong tribute skateboard deck. The Flip Skateboards Tom Penny Cheech and Chong Deck is back, and this time it’s been fully licensed. This deck is 7.75 x 31.63 and it’s rad. I love it. The updates have a simple element that showcases the twentieth anniversary logo and the classic artwork that you would expect from Flip.

Flip skateboards put this out and didn’t jack up the price, so you can pick it up for around 50 bucks. As far as the Flip Skateboards Tom Penny Cheech and Chong Deck is concerned, it’s a street skateboard deck that isn’t made for vert or anything. I tried it on vert, and honestly, it’s not that good for that. At 7.75 width, this is meant for street, and that’s it. I love it. I recommend it.

Skateboards are released on a limited time, limited quantity basis. These won’t last. If you’re interested in this skateboard or any of the options mentioned, check out these links:

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Eric Dressen Dogtown Skateboards
Eric Dressen Dogtown Skateboards

The Dogtown Loose Trucks Eric Dressen Photo Deck is 8.25 x 32.5 and it’s an interesting one. The deck features Eric Dressen hitting a wall ride at a local school’s handball court. This is an overall great deck, with a stellar concave and a nice pop. Dogtown boards are made of 7-play hardwood, and if you’re a fan, then this is one to pick up.

I’ve been able to test this one, and it’s a nice solid skateboard. I’m a fan of Dogtown skateboards, so seeing that they are still kicking is really cool. The Dogtown Loose Trucks Eric Dressen Photo Deck is one of those decks that long time skaters are going to enjoy this. I love it, and actually will put one on my wall.

Skateboards are released on a limited time, limited quantity basis. These won’t last. If you’re interested in this skateboard or any of the options mentioned, check out these links:

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In Cold BLood Cover
In Cold Blood Paperback

I’ve read a lot of books in my day, and for whatever reason, I didn’t get to this book until now. I was first told about it in high school, but for one reason or another, didn’t get to read it until now. The book is famous, as it kickstarted a genre of nonfiction that has spawned a lot of fans, and even a network of television programs that play this kind of stuff nonstop. “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote is a nonfiction book about a family that was killed, in cold blood. Pun Intended!

The Original Non-Fiction Novel

From the first chapters forward, Truman Capote doesn’t just write about the murders that occurred. Instead, he writes a narrative style that is unlike most of the true crime books that you will read. This is a fully narrated novel with a lot of elements that are unlike what you may read in many books that base their information on court cases. Instead, Truman finds a way to create voices thanks to the many interviews that he and Harper Lee were able to conduct. It is noted that the two were able to compile over 1,000 pages of notes before writing this novel, to give you an idea of how epic the research was.

Not Exactly Accurate

If you’re looking for a documentary, without any sort of spin, then this is not for you. “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote does very well to create a stellar non-fiction, true crime novel, but it’s one that is not without criticisms. The veracity of the book comes into question, and many have stated that it’s not 100% truthful. But even with a few embellishments, there’s a serious story about murder, and what happens afterwards.

The Story Is Fascinating

The story is fascinating, to say the least. A couple ex-cons rob and murder a family, and then head to Mexico to start a new life. The two don’t get away with the murder, and things really go bad for them as they try to work out the details of what to do next. The guys did the deed, then were caught in Las Vegas, and were given the death sentence. The book creates a balancing act between cold blooded killers and sympathetic criminals, and it’s a long one to work through sometimes.

Star Rating For “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote

This is a classic. But the classics aren’t always fun to read. Capote’s work is great, and it was new at the time. But after reading so many different true crime books, I can say that this is not the best in the bunch. However, it gets points for being first, and a well-known writer’s push forward into a new genre. I liked it. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just not on par with some of the other books that I’ve been reading lately. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5 stars. Read it for yourself, and let me know if you like it, it’s not a favorite of mine.

You can purchase “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote by clicking here and ordering it from

Did you read “In Cold Blood”? If so, let me know in the comments.

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There are a lot of different websites that you can move forward with for immigration, and help.

I recently ran into one here

This person is buying content from writers and then accusing them of being from India or Spinners.

If you’re going to use an immigration service, DO NOT use, they are scamming people, and they will scam you. They are engaging in BLACK HAT SEO, and are not trustworthy people.

I’m a United States Citizen, and rarely comment on these things, but felt that I had to. Do NOT TRUST these people.


This post was written by me, Jorge Orduna aka Sir Jorge. If you read this anywhere else, it’s STOLEN and was not paid for. The person that commissioned me to write this did NOT pay for this and if you see it anywhere else, know that it was written by me around 3/20  and posted 3/21. If you see this ANYWHERE ELSE it’s stolen and duplicate. This was written by me, and is 100% my own work. Again, if you see it ANYWHERE else, it’s stolen. 

Baseball is a game of skill, no doubt. But there is a bit of finesse that comes with the talents of the best players in the world. If you want to learn how to hit better, farther, and more accurately, you will need to combine both elements. If you’re trying to work with baseball hitting instruction guides, you may get frustrated at times. It is for this reason why the following guide has been created. It has been simplified to help you with hitting, with the easiest process.

Pick Your Bat

Before moving forward with the more direct elements of this baseball hitting instruction, start with your bat. You need to select a bat to work with. Players that do not know the weight, size, and shape of their favorite bats, will not be able to improve their swing. Your hand and eye coordination balances with the weight and length of the bat you utilize. Unless you’re a professional, this is going to be important. Once you pick your bat size and weight, take a lot of practice swings. You want to have muscle memory with your bat. Swing in an open area, and just go through the process.

Strengthen Your Stance

Watch your favorite baseball players. You will notice that the best hitters throw their weight towards the front of their body, but do not move. They plant their feet firm, with a pivot, allowing their legs to lock with the bat’s swing. When you are going to swing, you want to have a lot of speed coming from your body, not just your arms. Slightly bend your legs, and swing with the focus of your weight going across the front of your body, and your hands steady. You want to hit the ball with the head of your bat, not anything else. The speed of your swing relies heavily on how you pivot and shift your body, and then plant your feet on the follow through.

Let Your Back-Foot Rise Through The Swing

As you throw your body forward, pivoting slightly to strengthen your stance, your back foot needs to slightly come up. It needs to rise slightly if not off the ground so that you get your heels up and your toe tipped. Watch your favorite players, and you will force your weight forward and locked through the head of the bat. When you connect with the ball, if you do this correctly, you will not feel a shock or vibration through the bat. You will command the energy forward and get distance. Your back foot must be loose, while your front foot has to be strengthened and planted.

Keep Your Back Foot and Leg Straight (Before the Swing)

The back of your body should remain like a straight line. You are going to pivot slightly based on your swing, but you need to keep part of your body straight and strengthened through the back. If you are leaning forward, you will miss your intended target. Lean a bit back right before you swing your bat with power. Your power relies on being able to go from standing still to top speed, which requires your back leg, hip, and back to be still and firmly in the ground. Don’t bend too much, or try to lean in, or you could lose milliseconds on your swing.

One Hand Up, One Hand Down Positioning

The way that you grip your bat is going to help or hurt your hitting. For that reason, you should work with a basic position. Open your palm and have the base of your grip start with an open hand up. Grip the bat and then place your other hand with the palm down. As you raise the bat to your shoulder, your lead hand should be below the other hand. The grips of your palms should be opposing. The way that you grip your bat will help your swing come through. Don’t try to rethink this. One hand should be above the other.

Center Your Head

Hitting coaches instruct their players to keep their heads at center. They refer to the “triangle”. What this means is that your head and neck should be at the center point between your feet. By doing this, you will be able to twist your body to the right position when the ball comes down the line. Centering your head will let you focus the speed and power of the swing through the head of the bat, without losing your focus. In contrast, if you move your head or if it is out of position, you will not see the ball correctly. Center your head between your feet, simple as that.

Focus On The Ball

Players often focus on the contact point of the bat. Do not do this. Don’t worry about where your bat is versus where your eyes are. If you look or concern yourself with looking at your bat, you will lose focus of the ball. Focus on the ball and how it moves. Baseballs throw by a pitcher move in a finite matter, at different speeds. To improve your line of sight, focus on the movement of the ball and swing as the pitcher releases the ball from the top of their body. A pitcher will not go through the motion without releasing, so focus on the ball not your bat or swing. Amidst the most complicated baseball hitting instruction, this is the toughest one.

Bend Your Top Arm

The elbow facing the pitcher should be against your body, while your other elbow should be bent. Your elbow needs to bent so that you can pull the head of the bat as fast as your muscles can pull through. With a bent elbow and a fulcrum of movement from one side to the next, you will be able to pivot your weight, and move that energy through the bat. No hitter in history has been able to hit with power, without bending their top arm. How high and at what position that is, depends on what is comfortable to you. Bend the arm at the elbow, and you will have power in your hits, guaranteed.

Final Note

The above 8 steps for improving your baseball swing takes time to work through. One thing that all baseball hitting instruction guides talk about is, practice. With that in mind, visit a batting cage and test out these tips over all. You want to practice moving your weight, setting your stance, and focusing on how the ball spins at different speeds. Be patient with this, and keep in tune with your body, and you will absolutely improve.


Amityville Horror Cover
Jay Anson’s Amityville Horror

You most likely already saw the many movies that were based on this book. Jay Anson takes on a subject that has led to a lot of speculation, lawsuits, and money over the course of many years. “The Amityville Horror” by Jay Anson is a fascinating book with a lot to offer true crime and horror fans. However, it is not exactly like the movie, as you may have guessed, and in fact, you may be surprised by how it deviates at times. Anson is a gifted writer, taking on a great subject matter and focusing on framing it in an easy to read manner.

Dead Man’s House

The story of “The Amityville Horror” starts with a 1974 multiple homicide. In a Dutch colonial house in Amityville, New York, Ronald DeFeo Jr. wakes up and kills 6 of his family members. Years later the house is unable to be sold until George and Kathy Lutz show up and buy it at an unusually low price. When they move in, things start going awry. The paranormal activity starts to work its way into the lives of the Lutz family and even the local community church is getting harmed. The story unravels to the point where the family runs for their lives and never looks back.

The Tension Is Tremendous

Jay Anson builds the tension quite well. While the first half of this book punches you in the face, Anson finds a way to slow it down and then rev back up until the powder keg explodes in the final chapters. What is most alarming is the mysterious illnesses and smells that plague the priests that were trying to bless the home. The noises, the movements, the cold, and a lot of the other elements of paranormal activity aren’t that crazy, but the priest’s accounts are absolutely terrifying.

Lies Or Reality?

The book ends with a nice horrific touch. Anson took on this book with 45 hours of interviews that the family spoke about. After the release of the book, in the afterword, the author discusses that authenticity of some of the claims, the lawsuits, and much more. Some say that the family made all of this up, since the house hasn’t had any sort of issues at all.

Others are quick to note that George Lutz was involved in witchcraft and Satanism. Some will cite all sorts of different stories, but at the end of the day, reading this book was fascinating. It’s an interesting book, and that alone is well worth your time. I recommend reading it, and just enjoying the narrative that Anson writes. Forget the rest of what you know about Amityville and the movies, and just read this one. It’s a fun read, although there are some horrific moments as well.

You can purchase “The Amityville Horror” by Jay Anson by clicking here, it’s not expensive.

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63 Documents The Government Doesn't Want You To Read
Jesse Ventura Cover

There’s a lot of things that the United States is not telling their citizens. In fact, after reading this books, I am inclined to believe that John F. Kennedy was killed because he wanted to be more transparent with the general public. You may not want to admit it, and you may want to argue with others as to whether or not the United States is a villain, but I ask you to read this book. “63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read” By Jesse Ventura is going to be the one book that is going to open your eyes to a lot of lies that you may not want to believe. This is mostly unclassified, free public domain documents. So it’s not Ventura just talking. He makes comments on each one, and tells stories from his military career, but mostly it’s the documents.

The Government Doesn’t Care About You

The biggest takeaway I got from this book was that the government doesn’t care about the individual. There was a point where Kanye West got lambasted for saying something to that effect during a telethon for Katrina victims. Do you remember that? He said that George Bush doesn’t care about black people. It got a lot of negative press.

But guess what? The U.S. Government doesn’t really care that much. In this book, you are going to see the truth. The documents found here are part of the U.S. Freedom of Information Act and they are straight from the horse’s mouth.

What Will You See?

Well, you’ll find that the military wanted to hijack airplanes and then say Cuba did it. You’ll read about the CIA’s Manchurian Candidate programs, and you’ll see how healthcare fraud helped spread dengue fever, just to name a few things. There’s so much to this book that you’re going to kick yourself, and perhaps never want to vote again.

You Think Trump Is Bad?

At the end of the day, if you in fact read “63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read” By Jesse Ventura, you are not going to be afraid of trump. I’m not. You’re going to be skeptical about your government, because you know what? They don’t have your best interest in mind. You’re going to be flabbergasted by what you are going to read in this book. I was shocked at how many lies are throw out, spun, and spoon fed us. Noam Chomsky and others were right, there’s a lot of nefarious characters working under the guise of Uncle Sam.

I highly recommend you buy “63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read” By Jesse Ventura by clicking here. It’s under $5 used, and it’s a compelling non-fiction read.

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Helter Skelter True Crime Book
Helter Skelter 1974 Cover

The 1974 book came out far before I was born, but it’s one hell of a book to read in 2016. Oh, it’s 2017? Well I finished this book in December of last year, and I haven’t been able to write about it until now. What you’re going to find with this book is that we haven’t seen anything in the last decade to compare with the psychopaths that came through the past. Charles Manson isn’t a killer in the way that you may expect. In fact, he’s one of the most confident weirdos in the world. This is touted as the best-selling true crime book in the history of print, and it is one of the more fascinating reads that I’ve read in a long time. “Helter Skelter” by Vincent Bugliosi is a 500-page mammoth, but it doesn’t read like you would expect.

A Court House Retelling

What caught me off guard about some of the book’s more interesting elements is that it is written like a court document. What you’re going to be reading is a lot like an episode of Matlock or something like that. It’s really played up quite well. I’ve recently been watching film from the O.J. Simpson case, and this book reminds me of that. Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry together work through some of the finer details of what happened with the Manson Murders. This book is told in first person at times, and third person at others. It describes every element that you want to know about Charles Manson, and the murders that the family committed.

Gruesome It Is Not

If you’re trying to read “Helter Skelter” by Vincent Bugliosi so that you can get some stellar gore, turn away. This book is not a gorey, horror movie. It’s a good book, no doubt, but it’s not gorey. It’s a classic example of literary work that pulls punches. You expect this to get really graphic, really fast, but it’s not. It’s a slow-moving book that uses a lot of big words. Ok, that’s odd, but still, the language used is like a lawyer’s guide at times, because it really focuses on the trials of Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and the members of the Manson Family. I liked it, don’t get me wrong, but I expected something else. I really didn’t expect the treatment of the whole story as a documentary film written out in a book. But then again, your imagination is going to run wild with some of the descriptions. The facts are there, the story is straight forward, and it’s impressive how Manson was able to yield so much power, even though he wasn’t a big man.

Still Worth Checking Out

I read the 25th anniversary edition and it was good. Are you missing out? Not really. This is a classic story of how a confident, good looking man, can command a lot of power. Manson is truly an interesting character, and this book details just how powerful someone could become if they truly gave no crap. “Helter Skelter” by Vincent Bugliosi is an incredible read, if you’re a fan of true crime. I went through a stream of true crime books, and this was on my list, although it’s not my favorite. It’s a good one, but great? Na. You’ll like if you’re a fan of true crime and haven’t read about The Manson Family or the crimes they committed.

You can purchase “Helter Skelter” by Vincent Bugliosi for under a buck used, or you can purchase a new one HERE.

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Crux Christian Punk Rock
Crux “Failure To Yield” Cover

I was listening to Tim Armstrong and Friends on satellite radio and they made mention of Crab Core. This is a type of punk rock that I assumed came from the Boston area. They played a band that reminded me of this awesome punk rock band out of Oregon. The band was none other than Crux. This is an underrated band that no one really talks about, because they didn’t sell a lot of records at the time. However, despite the lack of sales, they put on one hell of a show and their records are well produced and filled with punk rock fury. If you like Crab Core, then you already know what this band sounds like, but hey, you may have never heard of them. Whatever the case may be, Crux “Failure To Yield” is one of those records that you don’t want to sleep on.

Hell, you don’t want to sleep on any music, right? In 1995, I was only a mere pre-teen and I was already into a lot more punk rock than you are. I’m sorry, but I had no friends, loved music, and was spending any dime I had on it. I had amassed quite the collection by the time I had to sell it all off in 2011 because of a divorce. Crux is one of those bands that I fell in love with via a compilation disc that I picked up with an HM Magazine. They had “Wasted Day” on the compilation, and I immediately ordered “Failure To Yield” from Tooth and Nail Records. I got the cassette, and it was awesome.

Crux goes through a frenetic mix of punk rock anthems, playing as fast as they can, with youth crew style vocals here and there. If you’re a fan of 7 Seconds, then you’re going to love what Crux has to throw at you. You swear that these guys are like brothers of SNFU and 7 Seconds with a little Pennywise mixed in. They put you through 18 tracks of frenetic punk rock so fast, that if you blink, you will miss some of the finer notes.

Crux really outdid themselves on “Failure To Yield’ and it’s a shame more people haven’t heard their records. If you’re looking for new music, love punk rock, and that Crab Core, old school punk rock flavor, with a new school edge, then you owe it to yourself to listen to this stellar record. Crux is one of those bands that you’re going to love, and no one else will know what you’re talking about. Trust me, I live it daily.

You can buy Crux “Failure To Yield” here, or you can download/descargar MP3 here.

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UHF Poster
UHF Poster

You know the man, the myth, the legend, Weird Al Yankovic. But did you know that he made a movie in 1989? Oh, you did? Did you see it? Oh, you have. Twenty times? Oh, well, then this review is not for you, this is for the one person out there that is a fan but didn’t get around to watching this steaming pile of, oh, it wasn’t that bad. Let’s talk about the 1989 box office bomb that was UHF, and how it endures today, even though there’s a lot to be desired. Or not, my bad, sorry.

25th Anniversary Edition Blu Ray

For my birthday this year, I purchased the 25th Anniversary Edition Blu Ray. What I immediately noticed was that the picture wasn’t that great. Sure, it was ok, but it wasn’t nearly as good and as crisp as I was hoping for. In fact, it looked as bad as my DVD copy of “A League of Their Own”, which is a widescreen dvd. The sound, however, is vastly improved. All of the audio on this disc comes through great, where the latter didn’t do so hot. I loved that aspect of this, because a lot of the gags aren’t just visual, they are about the sound and speech.

Weird Al Exemplifies The 1980s

If you grew up in the 1980s, then you know how crazy the Saturday morning cartoons were. Well, in the midst of that block, there was Pee Wee Herman, the eccentric kid’s show host. Well that’s where I liken Weird Al to this film, he’s the wacky morning guy. He doesn’t really play it straight, he’s all over the map. For his moments of introspection, he shines, but that’s not where he needs to be in this movie. He’s often the neurotic, loud, and splashy character, only balanced by his friend Bob, played by David Bowe. Meanwhile, there are other bit characters here, and of course the villain that wants to take away the channel’s signal once it becomes famous.

Bits and Pieces Make This Movie

The plot of this movie is simple. We have a couple of slackers losing jobs, and trying to come up with what to do next. They inherit a nearly defunct UHF station and they turn things around with a new line up of random B-movies, and much more. The jokes here are a mile a minute, showing off the hilarity of the 1980s video store world. If you have been in an old video store, you know the movies that are featured here, although they are parodies, not real. Mixed in are skits, commercials, and the story of George trying to save the station by raising $75,000.

Star Ratings Don’t Matter

I could give this movie a start rating, but let’s be honest, you either love it or you hate it. Going back to watch this again, I didn’t really think it flowed that well. It’s a bit slow, and the jokes are a bit rough at times. Some of them don’t land at all. For all the one-liners, and parody, there’s a psychological issue going on that no one is talking about. But let’s say you throw that all away and just enjoy this for a slice of 1980s Americana, and you got yourself a fine movie. Just don’t use your brain, you’ll hurt yourself.

You can buy the 25th Anniversary Edition of UHF on Blu Ray by clicking here, or rent it through Amazon for cheap. Enjoy!

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