Death Cab For Cutie Plans (2005) Review

Death Cab For Cutie LP
Death Cab For Cutie “Plans” (2005)

Every record has a story from the people that wrote it, perform it, and the fans that listen to it. My story is one of heart break. “Plans” came out in 2005, and I immediately picked it up. I was a fan of theirs for some time, but I didn’t become huge fan until this album came out. The album was one of those records that you play so much, you have to buy another copy because you wear it out. For me, this reminds me of my life at the tail end of my college career, switching jobs, and trying to be a good guy. It played me through my first marriage, and it was part of my life as I would wake up at 4:15 AM every day for years.

The lyrical elements of “Plans” really focuses on life in general. There is hope, sadness, heartbreak, and so much more. The instruments take you through a journey of the heart, mind, and soul. There are moments where you will tear up, and will reflect on your own personal life, and then there are points where you visualize so much about the world around you.

This record is a heart wrenching one for me because it reminds me of my marriage rising up and then crashing in 2011. There are things that break us down, and things that bring us back to that place of yearning, and this is one of those records. “Your Love Is Going To Drown” is a true statement in the first song of this record, as it leads you through the kaleidoscope of what Death Cab For Cutie does best.

“Brothers on a Hotel Bed” is the one song that still rings out to me. If you’ve ever been on the tail end of a relationship, you know how that is. You love each other, but you are not going to be doing anything together. It’s weird, it’s repulsive, it’s the end. You’re not even really friends, and yet you’re sharing a bed to literally sleep.

There are 11 songs on “Plans”, and it is perhaps one of my favorite records from the band. Every son on this record is great, and you will find that you can relate to a lot of it, if you’re an adult. I discovered this record in my twenties, and now that I’m in my 30s, I can still say it’s one of the finest slices of life.

Looking back on the record, and listening to it with fresh ears, I can truly say that it is one of my favorites of all time. It may be your next favorite record, if you haven’t heard it. I recommend it.

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