Top 5 WWF Hasbro Action Figures You Should Pick Up Right Now

Why should you be picking up WWF Hasbro Action Figures? Simply because they are going to get more expensive. You may not believe me, but I can assure you that these things are not going to get any cheaper. The reason is simple. As we age, those that grew up with the WWF Hasbro Action Figures from the past, are starting to buy them. We now have jobs, we have money, we don’t need our parents’ permission and we want to collect all of the action figures we can. That means that a lot of people that grew up with WWF in the early 1990s and even mid-1990s, want to buy their old collections.

So, if you’re going to start collecting, or are already collecting, here are the top 5 WWF Hasbro Action Figures you should buy right now. Why not a top 10? Because starting with 5 is a lot easier to manage, if you ask me. I also wanted to pick some that were not so hard to pick that you would never find them or get them. I will also link you to Amazon, where you can pick them up, but you can always find your own way to getting these options.

Hasbro WWF Roddy Piper
Roddy Piper Hasbro

WWF Hasbro Rowdy Roddy Piper Blue Card – ( here)

I can already hear the bagpipes. Roddy Piper coming down the aisle, slowly, and soaking in the praise that comes from the fans that loved the wrestler. If you are going to collect Hasbro figures and you are not going to open them, you must get your hands on the Rowdy Roddy Piper action figure. This is a figure that has Hot Rod smiling. I love how big the smile is, and the action on this is the Piper Punch. It’s not going to kill your budget. It’s a solid solution that is way under $100.

Razor Ramon WWF Hasbro
Hasbro WWF Razor Ramon

WWF Hasbro Razor Ramon Yellow Card – ( here)

Razor Ramon was so cool, he was dripping machismo. Scott Hall may have started getting attention as the Diamond Stud in WCW, but it wasn’t until he put a mark on the WWE in the early 1990s that he really took on a whole new persona. I loved the character, and Hall really knew how to put on a show. Pick up this one with the black vest, gold chains, and red trunks, and you’ll no doubt enjoy the stance he has on this card. It’s not the only one from Hasbro, but it’s my favorite.

Texas Tornado WWF Hasbro
WWF Hasbro Texas Tornado

WWF Hasbro The Texas Tornado Blue Card – ( here)

The Texas Tornado was my favorite characters to come from the territories. Well, he wasn’t the Tornado there, but he was a cool wrestler with a good build. I’m saddened to have heard about the issues that the family had, but if you were a fan of early 1990s wrestling, then you bought into Kerry Von Erich’s gimmick. Did you know he didn’t have a foot? I never knew.

Jake The Snake Hasbro
WWF Hasbro Action Figures

WWF Hasbro Jake The Snake Roberts Blue Card – ( here)

This is a great one. This is Jake Roberts with Damien! That’s right, you get this on a blue card, and you get Damien with him. I love this figure, and if you can find it complete, buy it. You don’t always find this loose with Damien, and so you should definitely pick this up when you see it. It’s only going to get more expensive, that’s for sure.

WWF ACtion Figure
WWF Action Figure Andre The Giant

WWF Hasbro Andre The Giant Blue Card

If you’re going to collect WWF Hasbro Action Figures, you should pick up Andre’s figure. Andrew The Giant is a great option, and it’s bigger than other Hasbro figures. This one is going to get more expensive because Andre’s getting a couple of films about him made right now. One is a documentary, the other is a biopic. Whatever the case is, you’ll definitely want to pick this up before it gets outrageous.

Honorable Mention WWF Hasbro Action Figure

If I’m going to give you one option to find, it’s Kamala. Find Kamala’s WWF Hasbro Action Figure and you have a thousand dollar figure on your hands. It’s really hard to find that one. Oh, Kamala has to have a moon on his belly, so remember that.

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