3 Toy Machine Decks You Have To Give Props For

toy machine skateboards logo
Toy Machine Skateboards

Toy Machine decks are available online and through your favorite skate shop. There are no skate shops near me, so I have to relegated my search to the online world. Recently, I have been monitoring the releases that Toy Machine skateboards has been putting out, and I’m fascinated by what they are getting away with. If you have been following Tum Yeto, Ed Templeton and street skateboarding for a while, then you are not surprised by some of the graphics that I’m featuring today.

Toy Machine decks are interesting in the way that they are designed. I’m talking about the graphics that you are going to see from them today. They haven’t really strayed from their art direction, even when other brands were chasing different elements. That being said, Toy Machine has lampooned Disney, and Beavis and Butthead with these skateboards.

I love them, and will most likely get all 3 and put them on my office wall. My office has skateboards on them, and if I have my way, I’ll have a small skate shop one day with all of the skateboard decks that I’ve collected. If you’re interested in Toy Machine decks at all, you will want to check out amazon.com or Tactics.com to get some skateboard decks.

toy machine decks carpenter deck
Toy Machine Disney Deck

Blake Carpenter Sect Fight 8.125 Skateboard Deck

Toy Machine decks right now are putting a middle finger to Mickey Mouse, and here’s one that is cartoony, and downright not for kids. I love the call outs to Mickey with the yellow shoes, the 2 buttons up front, and the ears. I’m not sure how Ed Templeton and Toy Machine decks aren’t getting sued over this, but hey, that’s not for me to figure out. That’s for Toy Machine skateboards to deal with.

toy machine bennet skateboard deck
Toy Machine Bennet Deck

Bennett Beavis 8.5 Skateboard Deck

Toy Machine decks have lampooned a lot of elements in the art world before, thanks to Ed Templeton’s design. With the release of this one, they lampoon Beavis and Butthead. I love it. It’s a similar direction that you may see from Chocolate Skateboards as they put out boards for Jerry Hsu and Marc Johnson.

toy machine mickey mouse skateboard deck
Toy Machine Mickey Deck

Josh Harmony Mousekeeter 8.215 Skateboard Deck

This is an absolute middle finger to Mickey Mouse and Disney. Toy Machine decks are known for their artwork and here you go, another example of how incredible this is for fans of the Mouse and Toy Machine skateboards. Josh Harmony’s pro model is 8.215 and you’re not even going to notice the marginal difference on this one. Of the 3 Toy machine decks featured, I like this one the best for the wall.

If you’re interested in picking up Toy Machine skateboards, and you’re like me. You’ll want to pick them up online. The reason why I do that, is because there are no skate shops near me. I buy from Tactics.com here, since I knew a guy that worked there for a long time. Not sure if he still does, but hey, you go where you trust, right?

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